The Chosen Watch Parties Scholarship

Scholarship provided by Cru in partnership with Cru + The Chosen.
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64 people have applied for this scholarship.


Both Cru and the Chosen have a deep love and concern for this generation of young people. We want students to meet Jesus. We want to create “come and see” moments where diverse groups of friends can come together and have conversations about how Jesus and the stories of the Bible connect to life today.

Who Should Apply?

The Watch Party funding initiative is available to our locations that have committed to testing out the Cru and The Chosen discussion guide. You must be committed to going through all 8 episodes of season one, facilitating the post episode discussion guide, and providing us with feedback regarding the Watch Party initiative.

What to Expect

In order to host these watch parties we expect that you will have food expenses.

Our process will be simple:

  1. You pay for your food
  2. You submit a documentation of your watch party (photos, videos, stories, stats, etc.)
  3. You submit the receipt for your food expenses each watch party
  4. We reimburse you through a Cru Ministry Account or Bank Account transfer.

We want to make sure that this initiative will be an easy plug and play; that is our heart behind funding your location. We want to make sure nothing will prevent you from hosting these watch parties and seeing people take their next steps in following Jesus.