Soul Care for Ministry Leaders and Their Spouses

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Too many ministry leaders and their spouses feel alone in their ministry journeys. Standing Stone Ministry was created to bridge this gap. We believe that every pastor, non-profit leader, parachurch leader, missionary, and ministry spouse would benefit from a shepherd to provide guidance, support, and encouragement so they can stay healthy and strong in their life and work. Healthy ministry leaders develop healthy followers of Jesus, and healthy followers of Jesus can change the world. As veteran ministry leaders and/or ministry spouses themselves, Standing Stone shepherds have spent years working in the ministry trenches and know the challenges, frustrations, and discouragements that Kingdom leaders encounter while caring for people in their communities. SSM shepherds have also been trained to walk with ministry leaders and their spouses to help unpack challenges and opportunities. Standing Stone shepherds provide a safe harbor, a place free of judgment, where ministry leaders can share with complete confidentiality.

Who Should Apply?

Pastors, missionaries, parachurch workers, Christian nonprofit leaders, and their spouses should apply. Both Current or former ministry leaders, as well as vocational and lay leaders are welcome. Standing Stone has experienced men and women available to care for ministry leaders of all denominations and backgrounds.

What to Expect

Ministry leaders and their spouses have been called to pastor and guide those in their churches and organizations, but they often lack that same pastoral guidance for themselves. Standing Stone meets this need through trusted, confidential relationships with a veteran ministry leader or a ministry couple who will provide tailored-to-fit support, mentoring, and biblical guidance. In four one to one-and-a-half hour sessions with a Standing Stone shepherd, a ministry leader will be invited to take a comprehensive Wholeness Inventory, addressing holistic well-being in eight areas of formation: physical, mental, emotional, relational, Kingdom/vocational, financial, marital or singleness, and spiritual formation. In reviewing the results of the Wholeness Inventory, the Standing Stone shepherd or shepherding couple will work with the ministry leader or couple to increase health and vibrancy in identified areas of growth. If, after four sessions, a deep connection between shepherd and a ministry leader has been forged, the relationship may be continued on a cost-free basis.

What Recipients are Saying about this Scholarship

"“I struggled through the pandemic. I lost almost half my church. I was struggling with things that were deep enough that I didn’t feel safe talking to anybody about—not even the leadership in my denomination. But one day, a Standing Stone shepherd reached out, and it was like a breath of fresh air in my life. He was somebody that I could talk to, somebody who had no skin in my game—just an ear and a word of encouragement. And that’s all I needed. His presence and his energy through the power of the Holy Spirit became a catalyst for a major shift within our church, and I cannot thank him enough for his support and encouragement in my life. So I encourage you to get on board with Standing Stone…pastors and churches and people everywhere are being restored and transformed.” "

Jenny H -

"“I have been strengthened and encouraged as a ministry wife through my relationship with my Standing Stone shepherd. She has been a safe place for me to process through my frustrations and concerns, as well the joys I experience in my position as a pastor's wife. Her insight, mentorship, and prayers have been invaluable. I look forward to our conversations and have noticed a dramatic decrease in my loneliness and sense of being overwhelmed. As a result, I have been better equipped to support my husband in his role as pastor and minister to others in my local church.”"

Robert S. -

"“Standing Stone shepherds Dave and Sandy stepped in at our lowest point in ministry and became the safe space we needed to heal. They gave us space to tell our story and to sift through our hurt and grief. They met with us as a couple and individually, pursuing us the whole time, which was refreshing as anyone who leads in the church would understand.”"

Frank L. -