Strengthening Our Souls Journey (SOS)

Scholarship provided by Leader Care in partnership with Soul Care.
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The Strengthening Our Souls (SOS) Journey includes videos, a digital course booklet, access to an online course facilitator, and two individual Spiritual Direction sessions, all coming together to create a path to greater soul health. The SOS Journey will guide you out of burn-out (or help you avoid it in the first place!), and help you flourish.

Who Should Apply?

Leaders who seek to integrate soul health into their mission-driven life so they do not succumb to burnout, flameout, and dropout.

What to Expect

You’ll experience: - A deeper understanding of how caring for your soul can change your life - Restored intimacy with God - A safe space for an honest exploration of your spiritual life and leadership - A sustainable path for long-term missional achievement and personal flourishing - A self-paced journey through the ideas, practices, relationships, and experiences that will provide the foundation for leading your life and ministry from a grounded, peace-filled place despite surrounding circumstances. Includes: - Over 30 video and audio experiences - Two individual Spiritual Direction sessions ($250 if purchased separately) - 62-page full-color printable download - Eight specific Spiritual Practices explored - Individual Soul Health Assessment and personal score - Bi-weekly virtual meetings with course facilitator - Soul Care Plan download ($55 if purchased separately)