Dare to Care I

Scholarship provided by Leader Care in partnership with AACC.
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Historically, the Church has lacked the practical steps to address mental health struggles. But now, the Church can be at the forefront of erasing the silence, shame, and stigma of mental illness. By claiming your scholarship and taking this course, you will learn the foundational tools to assist you in creating and maintaining a thriving mental health ministry in your church and/or your local community.

Who Should Apply?

Lay people interested in starting a mental health ministry, Mental Health Coaches, or church ministry leaders who want to equip their churches or ministry to be ready to help people in their church and community, who struggle with mental and behavioral issues, move towards healing and wholeness. Also, community volunteers wanting to make a difference in their environment.

What to Expect

This 13 hour course provides practical instruction for those ready to create and maintain a thriving mental health ministry in their church and local community. Participants will: Assess how they can become a catalyst in addressing the mental health crisis and discover how to erase the silence, shame, and stigma of mental health in the Church.