Dare to Care II

Scholarship provided by Leader Care in partnership with AACC.
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Research shows that one in four individuals seeking help for mental health concerns turn to faith leaders before seeking help from a mental health professional. Religion and spirituality often play a vital role in the healing process. However, in order to maximize the Church’s healing potential, churches must strive to become actual sanctuaries, truly safe harbors for hurting persons and relationships. Tragically, many people shy away from the potential healing ministry of the Church due to fears of being judged, criticized, and rejected if they are vulnerable to sharing their pain, addiction, or issues. By claiming a scholarship to this course, you will receive a comprehensive “toolbox” designed to help church leaders build a team of trained volunteers to implement specialized mental health-related ministries to hurting people and relationships in a practical way.

Who Should Apply?

Lay people interested in starting a mental health ministry, Mental Health Coaches, or church ministry leaders who want to equip their churches or ministry to be ready to help people in their church and community, who struggle with mental and behavioral issues, move towards healing and wholeness. Also, community volunteers who want to make a difference in their environment.

What to Expect

This 17-hour course is designed to equip you on how to develop strategies and best practices to implement ministries in your local church and community to address specific mental and behavioral health needs. Covering the most pressing topics like depression, anxiety, grief and loss, trauma, youth, and more, participants will be able to better identify the mental and behavioral health needs of their church and community and assess the church’s mission and role in addressing the mental health crisis.